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The ChainMaster E-Series Automatic Conveyor Lubrication Systems are all-electric oilers designed to deliver metered amounts of lubricant in solid shot form to conveyor wear points. The lubricant shots are discharged from nozzles which are rigidly mounted close to the moving wear points.

The lubrication system consists of a reservoir/pump, controls assembly, and a sensing and delivery assembly. The reservoir/pump and controls assembly includes the integral lubricant reservoir, the electronic controls and the pump module. The sensing and delivery assembly includes one or more target sensors, nozzles and tubing for lubricant delivery and all brackets.*

*Units supplied in kit form include proximity switch and nozzle brackets only.

  • Features & Options
  • Solid shot lubricating designs available for a wide variety of moving points, chains and conveyors
  • Reduce downtime due to premature conveyor wear
  • Eliminates surging caused by non-lubricated conveyor components
  • Available in kit form for general purpose use
  • Low-cost installation
  • Conveyor runs smoother, keeps product form swaying, reducing possibility of damage to product and injury on the line
  • Delivers a wide viscosity range of lubricants
  • Reduces drive-power requirements
  • Integral 5-gallon reservoir
  • No waste or contamination – a metered amount of lubricant is cleanly and precisely delivered to the wear points
  • Independent operation or centralized fill
  • Built-in power-on and low-lubricant-level status lights

The OPCO® Model OP-52 / OP-53 drive chain lubricators provide cost-effective orifice lubrication for conveyor drive, short transfer and machine chains.

  • Features & Options
  • Delivers a precise volume of lubricant per stroke with positive displacement pump
  • Controls lubrication cycle frequency and duration accurately with programmable solid state adjustment timer
  • Installs easily – pump and controls assembly requires four (4) mounting bolts and one (1) electrical connection
  • Constructed of durable molded plastic or fabricated metal for harsher environments
  • Operates cleanly and affordable to save time, work and money
  • Simple start-up and testing procedures with manual-run push-button
  • Delivers most fluid lubricants
  • Lubricates drive chains effectively to extend drive and conveyor chain life
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