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Our Warranty

Exclusive Five Year Warranty

MIGHTY LUBE SYSTEMATIC LUBRICATION, INC. strives to produce the finest quality equipment and lubricants in the industry. And we back that commitment with our exclusive Five Year Limited Warranty. We are that sure of the reliability of our equipment!

If you use Mighty Lube Lubricants exclusively in your new equipment, Mighty Lube will warrant the parts and workmanship on your lubricator for five years. If any part fails, contact us for replacement in exchange for the defective part.

Standard One Year Warranty

If other approved lubricants are used, our standard one year warranty applies. Mighty Lube lubricators are designed and built to be used with thin film, penetrating lubricants with viscosity of 60SUS or less, such as Mighty Lube Type SS-3 or Type ML. Please note that the use of standard oils will not only yield poor results, but in some cases may void the Mighty Lube Warranty.

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