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Do you have excessive build-up on your conveyor chain? Are you experiencing premature chain wear? You may benefit from changing the type of lubricant you are using. Using the right lubricants and matching the lubricant to the conveyor can save money lost to chain wear, downtime and extra energy consumption. Our complete line of OPCO WearMaster® lubricants was developed for all different types of conveyor applications. These high quality lubricants and greases are designed to keep your conveyor system running smoothly.


Recognized worldwide as lubrication systems specialists, we have years of experience in every aspect of conveyor lubrication; from equipment design, sales and installation to lubricant sales, systems service, consultation and custom problem-solving. As a result, we’re familiar with your maintenance needs and concerns. We can supply you with the WearMaster® lubricants that will provide the best results in your conveyor system.


LubricantFlash PointTypeAdvantagesTechnical Data Sheet
KF 25122°FMoS2Dry Film Bonded LubricantDownload
KF 35158°FMoS2Dry Film Lubricant – higher flash pointDownload
KF 36136°FMoS2 + GraphiteCan be used in temperatures up to 700°FDownload
KF 39130°FSiliconeFDA approved for use in areas of possible
incidental food contact
KF 100554°FPolyol EstersHigh temperature, ashless, synthetic lubricantDownload
KF 100LT445°FPolyol EstersSimilar to KF 100, with lower viscosityDownload
KF 101-220604°FPolyol EstersAshless, water-washout resistantDownload
KF 101-220VT604°FPolyol EstersSame as KF 101-220 with an added Violet TintDownload
KF 102456°FPolyglycolHigh-Temperature, ashless, and water-solubleDownload
KF 245464°FPetroleumFor severe industrial applications where high loads and ambient
conditions cause premature wear and failures
KF 270482°FWhite OilUSDA H1 LubricantDownload
KF 272367°FWhite OilUSDA H1 LubricantDownload
KF 310410°F–475°FPetroleumLubricating oils for use in various machine tool applicationsDownload
KF 330435°F–464°FPetroleumHigh performance industrial gear lubricantsDownload
KF 350385°F–518°FPetroleumHydraulic FluidsDownload
KF 360305°F-315°FPolyol EsterFood Grade Oven Chain LubricantsDownload
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